Wonderful Way to Paint Window to make it Decorative

Painting a window seems like a relatively simple job but for anyone who has painted a window they are aware that it is sometimes not as easy as it looks. There are techniques and tips to painting. Learn how to paint a window just like a professional by following the steps below.

  1. Materials

There is a painting job just as good as the resources used to finish it. It is important to get these substances: A drop cloth, painter’s tape, fine sand paper, a cloth, a brush, primer and paint to get a professional looking job. All the materials are found at home improvement stores and paint stores. It is time once the tools are obtained.

  1. Tape It

Painting a window is, at the very least, time consuming. Tape the window where the window frame meets the glass before starting to paint. Additionally it is wise to tape across the outside frame of the window when the painting will extend that far at which it meets the wall. Painters tape is the tape used by professionals as it leaves little and comes.


  1. Preparation

Preparing the area for your job is just as important as painting itself. Lay the drop cloth on the ground beneath the window out. Using the grit sandpaper, sand the sill, window frame. Wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth after sanding. This prepares the window for painting and helps remove dust and dirt. Do it if eliminating the windows is an option. Without the windows it is going to be easier to paint each the surfaces evenly and in a shorter time period.

  1. Primer

It is best to the window if the window has been painted a dark color. This will add time to the job but it is going to guarantee that only the top coat of color will be true. Use the best quality brush available for your job. Homeowners can be guided by paint supply shops at brushes that are designed for window painting’s direction. Seek out their experience. After the primer has been applied, allow it to dry thoroughly before starting to paint

  1. Paint

Make certain to work one section at a time when painting begins. Even though it can be tempting to son jotun the sills if this is done they might end up creating a time consuming mess and adhering to one another. Work from the inside out and the top down. Paint the other hand if desired once one side is finished. Never put two and allow the paint to dry painted panes or they will stick.

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